Empowerment for Women to Rise Above Burnout

Do you feel like you’re juggling a million things at once, constantly on the brink of burnout, yet still determined to excel in every aspect of your life?

You’re not alone.

As a mind-body coach, I’ve seen firsthand how chronic stress can drain the joy and energy out of even the most ambitious, high achieving driven women.

That’s why I created the Rise & Thrive program—a personalized guided journey designed to help you reclaim your vitality, boost your productivity, and truly thrive. If you’re ready to break free from the relentless cycle of stress and discover a life of balance and fulfillment, you’ve come to the right place.

Designing Rise & Thrive for Women

For women, our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s can be a wild time. It’s when we grow beyond measure, reaching as far as we can to make our biggest dreams come true. We stretch ourselves in ways that often go largely unnoticed by others.

Women are yin, as they say in TCM – we create from the inside out and are receptacles for inspiration. We naturally have the urge to birth something unique and incredible into this world, to leave a positive impact, whether that is through children, careers, or both.

This requires something that we often go without – support from other women!

When we receive help in dealing with the obstacles that hold us back, there is nothing to stop us from being able to live the life we were created for.

Women who are working, going to school, raising children, and dealing with the crazy struggles of today need a little extra support because we have pressures on us that are heavier than at any other time in history.

When we can repair the damage of chronic stress and burnout, we can be at our best to do what needs to be done.

And if you look around at the state of the world, I’d be willing to bet that you say the same thing I do. This place is upside down and we’ve got work to do! Our lights were made to shine, and we’ve got to make them shine.

So I am dedicated to supporting other women because I am a woman, built to receive divine guidance and create a better world.

The Core Principles and Philosophies

In my practice, I embrace five fundamental principles and philosophies that shape how I engage with clients. Foremost, I advocate for holistic healing, acknowledging that genuine well-being extends beyond mere physical health to encompass mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. 

Secondly, I aim to help clients understand the overarching themes in their lives, including how their minds and bodies either work for or against them. By delving into these themes, we can uncover patterns, habits, and beliefs that may be influencing their overall well-being.

Furthermore, I encourage clients to deepen their connection to their spirit, whatever that may mean for them personally—whether it’s through connecting with a higher power, tapping into their inner wisdom, or fostering a sense of spiritual fulfillment. This aspect of the work often involves exploring concepts of spirituality, mindfulness, and purpose.

While I don’t directly practice Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I am trained in them and draw inspiration from the philosophies of these ancient healing systems. Ayurveda’s focus on balance and personalized healing informs my approach to diet, lifestyle, and daily routines, offering valuable insights into promoting overall well-being.

Similarly, I incorporate elements of TCM’s holistic approach, including principles such as restoring harmony within the body and supporting its natural healing processes. Though I may not utilize modalities like acupuncture or herbal medicine directly, I integrate the underlying principles of these traditions into my coaching practice as guiding tools for holistic wellness and give referrals to other practitioners where appropriate.

Overall, my approach to coaching and healing is rooted in these core principles, which aim to empower clients to achieve holistic wellness and lead fulfilling lives. Through a combination of holistic practices, self-awareness, and personalized guidance, I strive to support clients in their journey toward optimal health and vitality.

Key Services and Techniques

The Rise & Thrive program offers a comprehensive suite of services to address burnout, including:

  • Holistic Wellness And Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coping Strategies
  • Personal Growth
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Somatic Breathwork
  • Movement Techniques Such As Yin Yoga, Tapping, EMT, Intuitive And Applied Stretching
  • Parts Work, Inner Child, Inner Critic
  • NLP and Timeline Therapy
  • Energy Psychology And Somatic Release Techniques
  • Improved Emotional Intelligence
  • Action Planning
  • Education And Advocacy
  • Positive Psychosocial Principles
  • Simple And Effective Home Herbal Remedies
  • Guided Meditations

These services combine top-down approaches (talking and thinking) with bottom-up approaches (sensory and somatic experiences) to access and express thoughts and emotions. This approach helps you get in touch with the fully, authentic you that is waiting to be seen, heard, understood, and validated; an essential process for transformation to occur so you can release the past, or anything that is not serving you, and move forward with confidence and alignment.

The Benefits of Rise & Thrive

Ultimately, Rise & Thrive is designed to unlock your full potential by building resilience, wisdom, and health. You will set a new course for yourself or adjust your current path to align with your dreams and desires. This journey ensures that you can project yourself into a future filled with love, assurance, and confidence. By learning to trust your gut instincts you will intuitively know what to do in any situation, making life more balanced and fulfilling.

  • Reclaim Vitality and Balance
  • Enhance Productivity and Joy
  • Break Free from Stress
  • Foster Self-Awareness and Personal Growth
  • Set and Achieve SMART Goals
  • Develop Inner Healer and Trust Instincts
  • Expert Guidance in Holistic Health
  • Practical Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Deep Self-Connection and Authentic Relationships
  • Maintain Firm, Comfortable Boundaries
  • Decrease Maladaptive Behaviors and Emotions
  • Increase Positive Qualities
  • Live Fully and Authentically
  • Build Resilience, Wisdom, and Health
  • Align with Dreams and Desires
  • Trust Instincts and Intuitive Decision-Making

Personalized Attention and Support

In the Rise & Thrive program, personalized attention and support are paramount. Our coaching process is co-creative, meaning that while you drive the conversation, I inquire and guide you. We focus on your concerns, helping you stay embodied with your complete attention in the present moment, as you work through these focus areas.

Unlike therapy or counseling, which often delve into the past, our sessions will emphasize the present and future. I am not a therapist or counselor; rather, I am trained to dialogue with you around areas where you feel stuck, such as limiting beliefs or childhood wounds. This allows us to identify the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals.

As a Mind-Body Coach, I utilize a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches to help you overcome these obstacles. This might include hypnotherapy, somatic breathing techniques, or movement to disperse energy when you feel stuck. Through this dynamic process, you can fully explore and release the thoughts and feelings around what is holding you back. My role is not to give you advice or solve problems for you but to encourage your self-awareness and personal growth while acting as your accountability buddy. This empowers you to tap into your potential and set SMART goals.

Throughout our sessions, I listen deeply and without judgment to understand your thoughts, feelings, and goals. I ask thought-provoking questions that encourage you to explore your beliefs, perspectives, and possibilities. This introspective and investigative process helps you discover your unique insights, strengths, and solutions. Coaching helps you gain clarity, make informed decisions, and take actionable steps toward your dreams.

Ultimately, our coaching sessions are designed to empower you to take control of your life and move confidently toward your goals. By fostering self-awareness and personal growth, you become equipped to overcome any barriers and create a fulfilling life. The support and guidance provided in the Rise & Thrive program ensure that you can unlock your full potential and live your life to the fullest.

I ensure personalized attention and support for each client in the Rise & Thrive program. With a 1-on-1 approach, clients receive my full, undivided attention. The program includes a 90-minute initial session to strategize and transform challenges, followed by biweekly 75-minute sessions over 3 or 6 months. Monthly 15-minute laser-focused Zoom sessions and email support between sessions provide ongoing encouragement and clarification. This structure allows for a tailored coaching plan with weekly progress reviews and additional resources such as guided meditations, handouts, checklists, and recommended readings.

Success Stories

“I’m more attentive to my mental and emotional state and take action before I reach my limit. Her tools helped me realize I’m the designer of my thoughts, emotions, and opinions and I have every right to call the shots with my life.” – Anonymous

“Her expertise is remarkable. She’s so patient, clear, encouraging, supportive, and skilled at leading me through experiences.” – Susan

“Nikki really is a gifted facilitator and healer and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is genuinely interested in transforming themselves.” – Destini Broom

“Nikki is a very intuitive person who knows how to guide and inspire. I am so surprised by the results in only 2 sessions with Nikki. This has been a very positive experience for me.” J.S.

Why I Created the Rise & Thrive Program: A Journey to Empowerment and Vitality

My Qualifications and Expertise

First, I’d like to introduce myself and let you know a little about my history and intentions. While I’m a mind-body coach by title, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my practice.
With 20 years in alternative health, I am a veteran licensed massage therapist, a board-certified hypnotherapist, and a certified somatic breathwork facilitator. Currently, I am also earning my ICF certification as a life coach, further enhancing my ability to guide and support my clients.
My journey has been characterized by a deep commitment to learning and personal growth. I have invested a substantial amount of time and energy in studying a wide variety of disciplines, including the psychology of the body, Western herbology, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Psychology, which helps lay my foundation for understanding how human behavior is developed, how memory is formed, and how the brain encodes our experiences. Additionally, my studies in spiritual philosophy and world religions further enrich my approach, as these fields provide valuable insights into the matrices that shape our societies and, ultimately, us as individuals.

This diverse knowledge base allows me to offer a holistic approach to wellness, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of health.

The Seeds of Inspiration

I’ve always had a deep connection to nature. The joy of discovering the wonders of the natural world fills some of my earliest memories. When I was 14, someone gifted me my first kit of essential oils—a rare and unique gift at the time. This kit sparked my creativity, and I started incorporating these oils into handmade candles and potpourri (it was the 80’s…is potpourri still a thing?!). My early experimentation eventually transformed into a passion for holistic living and wellness.

I started integrating essential oils into my treatments for their therapeutic benefits as I began my career in massage therapy. To better help my clients, and also myself, I explored additional health and wellness avenues, including herbalism, chiropractor care, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy, and Ayurveda. I also delved into multiple therapeutic modalities, such as yoga and hypnotherapy, all of which emphasized the mind-body connection and the power of releasing repressed emotions and thought patterns.

The Birth of Rise & Thrive

The Rise & Thrive program has its roots in my massage career, where I noticed many clients had one of three major imbalances: they were either stuck in their heads, stuck in their bodies, or trying not to BE in their bodies.

Of the ones who were stuck in their heads, they would seek services for muscle tension, and inflammation. They were often irritable, angry, frustrated, and impatient. These were the people who tended towards perfectionism.

Other clients were stuck in their bodies and came in regularly for joint stiffness, respiratory congestion, and water retention, and they also dealt with lethargy, apathy, and depression and expressed resistance to change.

Finally, the third group mainly came in for symptoms related to anxiety, nervous tension, and sleep issues. These were the clients who were trying to NOT BE in their bodies (or, accustomed to be out of their bodies).

As I furthered my work, my observations were confirmed – that chronic stress manifests not only in the physical body but also in the emotional and mental bodies.

During this time, I also gained an understanding in spiritual challenges my clients were facing. Many of the same people who had imbalances for a long time also experienced spiritual disconnection which manifested like this:

  • existential dilemmas, such as a loss of faith, or a full blown spiritual crisis
  • feelings of emptiness or spiritual desolation
  • conflicts between spiritual beliefs and personal values
  • addiction or dependency on their spiritual practices or beliefs
  • feeling disconnected from the divine or higher self
  • intrusive negative thoughts or spiritual disturbances
  • unresolved trauma or emotional wounds affecting spiritual well-being
  • persistent feelings of guilt, shame, or unworthiness in a spiritual context 
  • and struggles with negative spiritual influences or entities such as attachments or psychic attacks

These were incredibly painful experiences! Looking back, these revelations were mind-blowing – I saw firsthand how serious it was to have a healthy and balanced mind-body dynamic.

My Own Burnout

After having all of my experiences helping people with stress and maintaining a healthier state, I thought I was immune. But I hit a wall in 2017. I had a first-hand experience with my own mind-body connection being put through the wringer.

While enjoying time in the woods, I got a tick bite and contracted Lyme Disease. The initial stages of a week-long fever, chills, and severe body aches were so severe that I was hospitalized for 2 days while receiving IV fluids and antibiotics. After that, I had persistent fatigue and brain fog that lasted for months. For the better part of the year, I was essentially out of commission except for the bare necessities.

It wasn’t long before I felt anxious and depressed about wanting to get healthy again but feeling paralyzed by the experience. I could see my ambitions flying out the window. This was very hard for a hardworking mom and business owner who was already dealing with the often many moving parts of life and chronically stressed out from it.

Even though I was aware of the effects that additional stress would have on my mind and body, I still had a belief, buried deeeeep, deep down, that I had to work harder in order to accomplish my goals. To be worthy of receiving, I had to give more than I had.
This was a deep burnout, and I was at the bottom of the barrel.
It was ALSO during this time that I dug deeper (for dear life) into my herbal knowledge and synergetically combined it with therapeutic massage techniques and lifestyle changes to overcome the muscular pain, heart palpitations, painful joints, and extreme exhaustion that the terrible bacteria had brought. Many sufferers of Lyme say it’s like fighting an invisible enemy, and that’s exactly what it was like for me. But I was still young, with my whole life ahead of me and I had the choice – either sink or swim!

While part of me certainly wanted to give in, to give up and sink, I ultimately chose to pull myself together and swim. With a mindset change, a lot of incredible support, and straight-up grit, I was able to get well again, one step at a time.

In the end, it became clear to me that this personal journey of recovery was in many ways a mirror of what I saw in my clients. Realizing the prevalence of burnout, and having experienced it firsthand in an extreme and debilitating form, I felt compelled to develop a program that could help others un-knot these mind-body symptoms and get back on track so that health could be restored.

I ALSO saw firsthand how helping my clients understand the connection between their life experiences and their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments significantly improved their overall well-being. In other words, I helped them to synchronize their minds and bodies so that they could gain better insight and understanding of their body’s signals in relation to what was happening in their external worlds.
Now, I carry this knowledge forward, helping others quickly regain their most precious resource — themselves — by building resilience, wisdom, and health, unlocking their full potential!

The Future of Rise & Thrive

​Looking ahead, I aim to expand the Rise & Thrive program to include group work in addition to 1-on-1 coaching. I envision creating a community hub with both in-person and online classes focused on all things holistic living. This evolution will allow the program to meet the changing needs of professional women, providing even more support and resources for their journey toward empowerment and vitality.

Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello to a Thriving Life

Rise & Thrive is not just a program – it’s a path to a more balanced, fulfilling life. Through a holistic approach that blends ancient wisdom with modern techniques, we address the root causes of burnout and stress. Whether you’re dealing with career pressures, personal challenges, or simply the chaos of everyday life, Rise & Thrive offers the tools and support you need to regain control and thrive.

Let’s work together to create a life where you can flourish, free from the shackles of chronic stress. Are you feeling overwhelmed by work, personal matters, or just life in general? Are you ready to leave burnout behind and embrace a more fulfilling life? 

Rest assured, you are not alone. 

Simply scroll down to book your complimentary Clarity Call so you can break free from the cycle of stress and rediscover your focus and passion. 

You could have all the energy and vitality to do everything you’ve always wanted to do by regaining your focus on your passion and interests again. 

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