From Chronic Stress to Emotional Resilience: Annie’s Journey

Image of woman standing in nature with eyes closed, enjoying warm sun on her face.

Chronic Stress Signs and Somatic Breathwork

Annie came to me because she felt chronic stress for a long time and the description of somatic breath work sounded like it could offer relief. She knew that she had long standing respiratory problems and that breathwork could help to strengthen her lungs. She also knew that breath work could initiate the parasympathetic nervous system and help to get her out of the 4 F’s – fight or flight, freeze, fawn. She heard that breathwork had the potential to bring up emotions and she didn’t know how she felt about that – but she knew that she had to give something a try.

A Simple Somatic Body Scan Began the Healing Process

I trained her in how to observe the emotions and understand that she was NOT the emotions. She was re-experiencing them. As we went through the process she found that she was holding on to memories of neglect as a child. She held them in her body for so long, and so her body became painfully restricted but she had disconnected from the pain and forgotten why it was there.

As her story emerged, Annie was able to connect it to her childhood when she felt like she didn’t have the emotional support to handle the stress of what was going on around her. She had moved across the world when she was a teenager, and her family was still back in her homeland. She missed them, was worried about them, and had strong feelings of guilt and longing. Guilt for leaving and longing to be with them again. 

Now she was separated from them and trying to raise her children on her own. Annie did her absolute best and was a very loving mom and passionate about her work. Yet there was always this piece of something nagging at her, causing conflict, inner turmoil…causing her just to keep going, no matter the pain.

Somatic breathwork helped Annie to pause and reflect on what was happening in her body and her mind. This helped her self-awareness and it helped her to identify the emotion of fear and feeling of neglect without becoming overwhelmed by it. It gave her the ability to make conscious choices now that she understood what the nagging feeling was. 

Working Through Emotional and Mental Stress Helped Her Body Release Pain.

She gained resilience. After that Annie was in far greater alignment with her values and desires because this part of her, that had felt neglected and in pain, had been acknowledged, and felt heard.

And that felt so healing!

Today she feels that it’s easier to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts within herself and with other people because she leaned into the pain with compassion and curiosity. Annie experienced this profound transformation from seeking guidance, keeping an open mindset, and being willing to sit with her emotions.

Annie took a stand for herself and she let me be there to guide and witness. I am so grateful to be a part of Annie’s journey.

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