Nikki's Story of Burnout Recovery

I'm often asked how I recovered from burnout.

After experiencing the crippling effects of burnout on my career and personal life, I decided it was time to embrace a holistic healing approach to my emotional and mental health recovery. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of holistic healing, and I used a unique combination of self-care practices, coaching, and therapy to navigate through burnout and transform my life.

So, I learned to say “no” to the prolonged stress and focused my mindfulness practices on the underlying causes of my own interpersonal issues and defenses.

Holistic Healing

I realized that the journey from ‘chronic stress’ to ‘living my life purpose’ went beyond just treating the symptoms. I needed holistic healing to truly overcome burnout! Through a combination of hypnotherapy, breathwork, and movement, I tapped into my inner strength and released the anxiety, depression, and perfectionism that had held me back for far too long, marking a significant step in my holistic healing recovery.

A Resilience Plan

I was motivated to create a resilience plan that incorporated relaxation techniques, providing me the mental peace I needed for recovery. Mindset and lifestyle changes, improvements in sleep quality, and more effective exercise greatly enhanced my quality of life. I soaked in the yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. I studied alternative medicine like TCM and Ayurveda, I went to float therapy / sensory deprivation tanks, and practiced tai chi and qi gong to clear out toxins, negative energy and emotional distress. 

As the physical exhaustion faded, I developed a stronger support system, healthier boundaries, and practical skills for better stress management. My digestive problems disappeared, and (perhaps most importantly) my vagus nerve even relaxed (a.k.a. less fight or flight and more rest and digest). I moved beyond survival mode, and my emotional intelligence grew, leading to emotional wellbeing, spiritual healing, and more happiness, and optimism, all of which are integral to burnout recovery.

Address the Root Cause

I had to address the root cause of my emotional exhaustion and restore my emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Doing this transformed my maladaptive coping mechanisms (fancy talk for “defenses”) into spiritual health. I pursued ancient systems of medicine that offered empirical research and integrative medicine that offered scientific proof. Long-term recovery from burnout is only possible when approaching it from multiple angles. Whether you are a mom or dad, a nurse, caregiver, counselor, or otherwise, we are living in a burnout epidemic because of accumulated stress. This highlights the importance of tailoring a self-care plan that includes improved health outcomes, positive social support, and life satisfaction.

Nikki Paschar finding solace and vitality in Arizona's wilderness at sunrise.
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Now I'm on a Mission.

As a certified practitioner in breathwork, hypnotherapy, and movement, my mission is to guide individuals to break free from the debilitating chains of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, depression, anxiety, the inner critic, and unhealed wounds from their inner child that aid in the exacerbation of chronic stress and lead to burnout and severe health problems and disease.

When individuals are free from these burdens, they are free to pursue their life’s purpose.

I am dedicated to offering transformation. Individuals can instead experience self-compassion, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness – facilitating a happy and content state of mind and better physical health.

With a background in psychology and extensive experience in personal development, I empower individuals to live authentically and achieve true work-life balance. Through the simplicity of a holistic and ethical approach, I offer a safe space for transformation and personal growth. Additionally, I collaborate with other professionals to point clients in the right direction for complementary therapies, ensuring a comprehensive recovery process.

Tired of Burnout? It's Time for a Recovery.

I understand your struggle with burnout. I’m here to help you make positive change, break free, and embrace your true self. Let me guide you on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment towards recovery. Say goodbye to fear, self-doubt, and exhaustion, and hello to a life filled with peace, purpose, and holistic health and healing. Take the first step towards lasting change today. To get started today, click the button below and schedule your complimentary Clarity Call.